12. January

Ísey Skyr in Aldi

Ísey Skyr has been sold in the UK market since February 2016. It is becoming well known among British consumers who love this Icelandic superdairy that has been consumed by Icelanders throughout the centuries. Ísey Skyr has been available at Waitrose from the very start and Ísey skyr in 1 kg buckets is sold at Costco.
Ísey skyr in „fresh food“ to go coolers at Aldi
At the end of last year the Aldi stores started offering Ísey Skyr at their supermarkets and they have a selection of four flavours; vanilla, blueberry, strawberry and mango which is the newest flavor in the UK. Ísey skyr comes with a spoon and is suitable as a healthy snack for consumers on the go. So look for Ísey skyr in the in the ,,fresh food to go“ coolers at Aldi. 
Click here for list of Aldi stores selling Ísey Skyr.
11. October

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23. November

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